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As a professional and licensed newborn photographer, the safety of the baby and parents is my highest priority. 

We make most efforts to ensure that all beautiful newborn poses are photographed with upmost safety:

  1. We maintain a warm room temperature in our newborn studio around 70-85 Fahrenheit for newborn safety. Keep that in mind when choosing outfits 🙂
  2. We take care of the air quality. We use central AC in our San Jose newborn photo studio, local heaters to heat the place where the baby is resting during the session. 
  3. All baby photography props are safe and delivered from the best vendors. Be rest assured you will never occur any splinter or nail if before each session. We carefully wipe every prop with alcohol and definitely make sure that sharp parts are not in an issue. Last but not least: we never use defective props at our San Jose photo studio. 
  4. We always swaddle the baby with newborn safety techniques, and make sure that baby has enough room for the proper blood circulation and proper breathing. 
  5. All the upright poses are done with a time spotter. It can be the parent, or it can be our trained assistant (specifically for the twins). All the newborn twins studio sessions are completed with the assistant only. 
  6. All complicated poses are made as composite only. The potato sack,  the sibling pose, the baby swings, the froggy pose. 
  7. When we position the baby upright in the basket, we always use the pillow under the baby’s neck to allow a proper angle to make sure the baby is breathing safely and comfortably and never over-bending back. Over-bending your baby back makes troubles breathing. So when choosing a baby photographer, please make sure to pay attention to this moment. 
  8. Your baby photographer and assistant have all the vaccination up to date: fully vaccinated for Covid, DTAP, MMR. Please assure that your newborn photographer and assistant are not feeling sick or showing any signs of sickness or cold. We kindly ask our clients to let us know as soon as possible if they show any signs of cold, sneezing, coughing, ect. We take deep care of all our clients and trying to prevent the decease spread. 
  9. Adequate setting is provided for the changing and feeding the baby, as well as a freezer to keep milk cold and safe, and a bottle of warmer to properly warm it up for the temperature at that you baby eats in our San Francisco newborn studio. 
  10. We maintain insurance policy to protect YOU in case of an accident.

Stay safe and definitely ask your photographer about the newborn safety precautions and which resources he/she can share with you regarding the safe baby photography. 

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