San Jose, CA, newborn photography studio | What to expect during your newborn session?

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San Jose, CA, newborn photography studio

Many young parents are wondering, how does the typical studio newborn session go? Have a sneak peek at our newborn photo studio in San Jose, CA!

  • Everything begins with a conversation. I will connect with you by asking you some simple questions and hearing what you would like to take home from your session and plan the details for your dream newborn studio session! By the time you arrive, the setups will be ready. We try to make every setup unique and based on your tastes  and color preferences. Let’s tell your story your way!
  • To ensure you can comfortably prepare for the session, select the sets and feed the baby, we’re kindly recommend arriving 30-40 min prior to your session. 
  • You’re most welcome to go through my newborn babies outfits collection  and maternity gowns collection. We even provide outfits for the siblings!
  • On the day of your session, you will be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy watching the newborn photography magic happening. 
  • For the baby’s comfort, we only use warm environment around 75-80 degrees. It may be pretty warm! 
  • I’m really focused on maximizing the number of setups for you! To maximize our shooting time and get most setups in your newborn studio photo session, we may need to feed the baby a few times during the session. I would be very grateful if you could bring some milk or formula 
  • The newborn photography studio has everything for your comfort. Changing pad, milk warmer, freezer. As I’m busy creating newborn photography art images, you can enjoy relaxing in the guest area. We offer snacks and refreshments for your pleasure and convenience. 
  • Newborn studio session lasts for 3 hours. During the session I gently bring the baby through a wide variety of poses. I create some wrapped baby photographs in props with fine art backgrounds, work on the beanbag with unwrapped baby poses, create newborn baby photos in parents hands and photos with the family.  
  • You’re more than welcome to bring a little item presenting the heritage of your family. Police badge, golf ball or other precocious items representing darling moments of your life.  
  • During baby girl photoshoot and baby boy photoshoot, I capture kids from multiple angles and create macro photographs of the babys’ tiny features along the way.
  •  You don’t have to worry about parent posing ideas with the baby, I will gently guide you through a few beautiful poses that show connection with mommy, daddy, siblings and all family together!
  • You’re more than welcome to invite the grandparents for your newborn baby photo session! They cherish those images and enjoy them so much!
  • In the end of each session, we will schedule the day when we present your beautiful gallery to you. Usually, the baby photography reveal session happens in 1-2 weeks, and it’s a very emotional experience for most of our clients. 
  • This is how our baby photo reveal sessions usually look like.  

Contact me in case if you have any questions.

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