Sentimental Activities to do Before Baby Comes

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Pregnancy is such a beautiful, exciting time in a woman’s life. The weeks and months before baby arrives are filled with exciting milestones. Before you know it, that sweet little bundle will be here, changing your world in all-new adorable ways.
There are so many precious moments during a maternity time. The moment you find out you’re expecting, the reveal to friends and loved ones, the moment you find out the gender, the very first kicks and flutters as you get to know the tiny human within you… they are all so special, no matter how many children you have. In the work we do at Door into summer photo studio, I get to meet a lot of wonderful expecting women. To celebrate the happiness in pregnancy, I wanted to share a few special things you can do before baby comes.
Write a Letter to Baby
One sentimental activity you can do before baby comes is write a letter! All these beautiful feelings that you are feeling, you can write down and share with your little one when they are older. Post a stamp with San Francisco, San Jose or the town you live in. Write a letter to them to share how excited you are to welcome them to the world and to your family. Hold onto it and gift it to your little one on their 10th birthday, or another important milestone! You can even include it in your baby album and it will be a wonderful keepsake for your little one to appreciate.
Celebrate the Siblings
Another special thing to do before baby comes is to throw a “big brother” or “big sister” party for your older child(ren). It’s a nice way to make sure they feel special during this time. Guests can include family members, family friends, and their own friends! Have everyone write advice on “how to be a good older sibling” on scrapbooking paper, and maybe even have them decorate it. After the party, bind the papers into a fun book!
Book a Maternity Photoshoot!
There’s no better way to celebrate your upcoming bundle of joy than scheduling a maternity photoshoot with us at the studio. My maternity sessions can be customized to you, whether an intimate in-homes maternity session, a studio session, or a maternity session at a place of your choosing. By the way, you will need to choose the best dress from my gorgeous maternity dress collection! A maternity photoshoot is as unique as you and your pregnancy, so I will work with you to style the photo session of your dreams. The best time to schedule a maternity shoot is around month seven or eight of your pregnancy. That’s the pregnancy sweet spot, when you’re glowing, but not too exhausted.
Have a Date Night
Go out on a date night while it’s still just the two of you! Have fun dreaming about the days to come. Write out guesses as to what your life will be like — and what your baby will be doing — when they are 3, 6, 9, and 12 months old. Read the lists when you hit those milestones to see how wrong (or right) you really were! And… maybe grab a laugh at how soon you thought baby would be sleeping through the night 😉

Book a Newborn Session
We have so many options for newborn photography, both lifestyle newborn photography and studio newborn photography. It’s never too early to book a newborn photography session and at Door into summer photo studio we make it as easy as possible for you. We know that you and your family are adjusting to a new normal, so we take time and care to make sure that your little one is safe, warm and happy all through the photo session. It’s a common misconception that you need to have a baby before you book your newborn session, so feel free to call to schedule a consultation!

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  • Great ideas, especially for San Francisco or Milpitas, everyone is booked way beforehand! How to book a newborn session with you? Thanks!

  • Me ha gustado mucho, sobre todo la parte que el fuego queman el piano. Cassie Evelyn Garbe


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