Sometimes you realize the value of the moment only when you look at the photographs | San Jose, CA, newborn photography studio |

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Sometimes you realize the value of the moment only when you look at the photographs | San Jose, CA, newborn photography studio |

Being a mom of 2 kids, I can’t help wondering, one of these moments I actually remember? Even despite I’m a professional photographer and therefore a visual person, I find my memories or diffusing when time comes by. I remember being extremely emotional, and every little detail, like eyelashes of my little ones, their love or even a song about Elsa made me cry.  I remember the softness of my baby’s skin, smiles, and they’re incredible smell. Even now when I look at the soft touch of the macro photographs, I still feel that amazing smell instantly making me happy. Those memories, blurry or not, instantly bring them back to the true emotions experienced at that moment. 

Remembering your child’s birth and the feeling of becoming parents is priceless. I’m very anxious that my precious memories will bleak when I become older. Aviv it, deep and emotional images may be something that will keep the magic of emotions and memories for you forever.  

Help yourselves remember. Let your professional newborn & matenity photographer pamper you and the baby with beautiful baby photographs that will warm your heart. Because before you know it, your child is not a child anymore, they grow up so fast. But you will always remember their tiny soft feet, round cheeks and chubby legs, their little hands with petite fingers and their cute toothless smile. And constant desire you will relive the feeling of constant desire to kiss the baby all the time, share love, feelings, care. The moment you realize you are ready to do whatever is possible to see the smile on this precious, sweet face. 

You won’t remember sleepless nights, lack of time for yourself. What you will remember is their first teeth, how they learn to roll over and smile. When they say «mom» and «dad» for the first time. The moment they take their first steps, eat sand and lick stones. You will always remember their smell, the softness of the skin, the way they sniffle in their sleep. 

Children and parents speak the same language – the language of love. So fill each moment with your love that you spend with them to make sure that every moment that you spend is full of love because time is merciless. Soon you will open your eyes and realize that your child is an independent person with desires, ambitions, goals. Then you will remember these days that you played and kissed these little tiny feet that are not so tiny anymore. Appreciate each day and make memories of these beautiful moments that will be captured during your baby photography session. 

We welcome you to our beautiful newborn photo studio in San Jose, CA to capture the most memorable baby moments! We have plenty of baby props and can carry out different baby photo ideas. Just give us a call or send us an email 🙂 

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