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Why should I print my images?

Recently my younger son, who just turned 3, showed at his brother’s professional newborn photo and asked – “Is this Danny? Where is my baby picture?” He clearly wanted to have his photographs on the wall. Fun thing, just a few days ago I ran into a curious article. There was a scientific evidence showing that kids, who frequently look at their newborn images in their home, grow up more assertive and confident. So, our wall art collection soon was renewed with a gorgeous family photos cluster!

I also use to ask my regular clients about their experience with the wall art I delivered for them. They frequently tell that they were really surprised with all those emotions they cause every day. Three moms shared that when they ordered a maternity and newborn wall art, they absolutely didn’t expect that every look at it will bring them:

  • Hours of lovely time with their kids. They really loved looking at their family photographs, asking about their tiny feet, eyes and ears, asking how they were born, how did their cake smash photography was, etc.
  • Satisfying their “baby time craving” in a year or so. They couldn’t help getting enough of those sweet cheeks and rolls, little strong fingers and long eyelashes. They truly relived the moments of tenderness and love looking at their images.
  • Pride and joy with the family and seeing how kids grow.
  • True feeling of belonging with their family.

Indeed, the moments of love, tenderness and joy captured at that time was their personal language of love. Their love speaks with their kids throughout the years.

Many parents thought they would complete the wall art on their own, yet … having a newborn baby is a busy time, and things like this tend to get postponed.  Others who try to save and print in cheap local labs end up coming back to me to San Jose newborn photography studio, because they are not able to ensure the decent quality of the colors, sharpness, the images are ruined with stripes, grain and cannot be compared with the professional results. Well, you can always reprint your baby images in a year or two, but you simply cannot get back the time with your kids, time of joy, pride and belonging to your family.

I strive to provide my clients with a memorable newborn photography experience like no other. My clients receive exceptional museum-grade albums, wall art, and customer service. Because if you hire a professional newborn photographer, your precious memories definitely deserve to live in a professional product.  Instead of hard work of choosing the vendor, work on design, delivery and dealing with customer service, you can relax and enjoy the whole process with me! I will assist you in choosing your products, where to hang your products, and what size would be best for your home. I will handle ordering, quality control and delivery. And we will definitely make sure that the style of your heirlooms perfectly match your interior. Be prepared to be “wowed” at the timeless products you can have to showcase your digitals. From ready to hang gallery wrapped canvases to customized albums perfect for any placement.

Your artwork is lovingly crafted with best quality materials – acrylic, leather, silk wood and linen. I work only with professional labs with strict control of the printing quality. And I also take care for any reordering and reprinting newborn products in case if something happened to your piece of art.

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